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Photosynthesis Test Review

The following review will help you prepare for your photosynthesis test. Have fun and review all of your material.

Photosystem IIGenerates ATP
Photosystem IGenerates NADPH
autotrophOrganisms with the ability to create its own food
heterotrophOrganisms that must consume food for nutrition
photosynthesisProcess by which plants utilize light energy to create carbohydrates
pigmentsLight energy absorbing compounds
chlorophyllPlant's primary light absorbing compound.
thylakoidsSaclike membranes that contain chlorophyll.
granaStacks of thylakoids.
stromaArea inside chloroplasts inner membrane.
Calvin CycleC3 cycle--Generates glucose
CAM PlantsSeparates carbon fixation and glucose synthesis by time.
C4 PlantsSeparates carbon fixation and glucose synthesis by space.
carbon fixationProcess that extracts CO2 from atmosphere.
RuBPFixes carbon the C3 cycle.
PEPFixes carbon in the C4 cycle.
glucose6 carbon carbohydrate produced by the C3 cycle.
malateCompound passed from mesophyll to bundle sheath cells

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