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Conjugated verbs from Première Révision (Group 1)

Verbs conjugated in present and passe compose (commands are tu, nous, and vous forms, with the "s" at the end of regular --er's in tu form dropped")

I likeJ'aime
You like (tu)Tu aimes
He likesIl aime
We likeNous aimons
You like (vous)Vous aimez
They likeIls, Elles aiment
I likedJ'ai aimé
You liked (tu)Tu as aimé
She likesElle aime
He likedIl a aimé
She likedElle a aimé
We likedNous avons aimé
You liked (vous)Vous avez aimé
They likedIls, Elles ont aimé
I loveJ'aime
You love (tu)Tu aimes
He lovesIl aime
She lovesElle aime
We loveNous aimons
You love (vous)Vous aimez
They loveIls, Elles aiment
I lovedJ'ai aimé
You loved (tu)Tu as aimé
He lovedIl a aimé
She lovedElle a aimé
We lovedNous avons aimé
You loved (vous)Vous avez aimé
They lovedIls, Elles ont aimé
I bringJ'apporte
You bring (tu)Tu apportes
He bringsIl apporte
She bringsElles apporte
We bringNous apportons
You bring (vous)Vous apportez
They bringIls, Elles apportent
I broughtJ'ai apporté
You brought (tu)Tu as apporté
He broughtIl a apporté
We broughtNous avons apporté
She broughtElle a apporté
You brought (vous)Vous avez apporté
They broughtIls, Elles ont apporté
I arriveJ'arrive
You arrive (tu)Tu arrive
He arrivesIl arrive
She arrivesElle arrive
We arriveNous arrivons
You arrive (vous)Vous arrivez
They arriveIls, Elles arrivent
I arrivedJe suis arrivé
You arrived (tu)Tu es arrivé
He arrivedIl est arrivé
She arrivedElle est arrivé
We arrivedNous sommes arrivé
You arrived (vous)Vous êtes arrivé
They arrivedIls, Elles sont arrivé
I'm looking forJe cherche
You're looking for (tu)Tu cherches
He's looking forIl cherche
She's looking forElle cherche
We're looking forNous cherchons
You're looking for (vous)Vous cherchez
They're looking forIls, Elles cherchent
I looked forJ'al cherché
You looked for (tu)Tu as cherché
He looked forIl a cherché
She looked forElle a cherché
We looked forNous avons cherché
You looked for (vous)Vous avez cherché
They looked forIls, Elles ont cherché
I'm goingJe vais
You're going (tu)Tu vas
He's goingIl va
She's goingElle va
We're goingNous allons
You're going (vous)Vous allez
They're goingIls, Elles vont
I wentJe suis allé
You went (tu)Tu es allé
He wentIl est allé
She wentElle est allé
We wentNous sommes allé
You went (vous)Vous êtes allé
They wentIls, Elles sont allé
I haveJ'ai
You have (tu)Tu as
He hasIl a
She hasElle a
We haveNous avons
You have (vous)Vous avez
They haveIls, Elles ont
I hadJ'ai eu
You had (tu)Tu as eu
He hadIl a eu
She hadElle a eu
We hadNous avons eu
You had (vous)Vous avez eu
They hadIls, Elles ont eu
I amJe suis
You are (tu)Tu es
He isIl est
She isElle est
We areNous sommes
You are (vous)Vous êtes
They areIls, Elles sont
I wasJ'ai été
You were (tu)Tu as été
He wasIl a été
She wasElle a été
We wereNous avons été
You were (vous)Vous avez été
They wereIls, Elles ont été
I doJe fais
You do (tu)Tu fais
He doesIl fait
She doesElle fait
We doNous faisons
You do (vous)Vous faites
They doIls, Elles font
I didJ'ai fait
You did (tu)Tu as fait
He didIl a fait
She didElle a fait
We didNous avons fait
You did (vous)Vous avez fait
They didIls, Elles ont fait
I makeJe fais
You make (tu)Tu fais
He makesIl fait
She makesElle fait
We makeNous faisons
You make (vous)Vous faites
They makeIls, Elles font
I madeJ'ai fait
You made (tu)Tu as fait
He madeIl a fait
She madeElle a fait
We madeNous avons fait
You made (vous)Vous avez fait
They madeIls, Elles ont fait
It's rainingIl pleut
It rainedIl a plu
I'll take (food)Je prends
You'll take (food) (tu)Tu prends
He'll take (food)Il prend
She'll take (food)Elle prend
We'll take (food)Nous prenons
You'll take (food) (vous)Vous prenez
They'll take (food)Ils, Elles prennent
I took (ate)J'ai pris
You took (ate) (tu)Tu as pris
He took (ate)Il a pris
She took (ate)Elle a pris
We took (ate)Nous avons pris
You took (ate) (vous)Vous avez pris
They took (ate)Ils, Elles ont pris
I learnJe apprends
You learn (tu)Tu apprends
He learnsIl apprend
She learnsElle apprend
We learnNous apprenons
You learn (vous)Vous apprenez
They learnIls, Elles apprenent
I learnedJ'ai appris
You learned (tu)Tu as appris
He learnedIl a appris
She learnedElle a appris
We learnedNous avons appris
You learned (vous)Vous avez appris
They learnedIls, Elles ont appris
I understandJe comprends
You understand (tu)Tu comprends
He understandsIl comprend
She understandsElle comprend
We understandNous comprenons
You understand (vous)Vous comprenez
They understandIls, Elles comprennent
I understoodJ'ai compris
You understood (tu)Tu as compris
He understoodIl a compris
She understoodElle a compris
We understoodNous avons compris
You understood (vous)Vous avez compris
They understoodIls, Elles ont compris
I know (how to)Je sais
You know (how to) (tu)Tu sais
He knows (how to)Il sait
She knows (how to)Elle sait
We know (how to)Nous savons
You know (how to) (vous)Vous savez
They know (how to)Ils, Elles savent
I knew (how to)J'ai su
You knew (how to)Tu as su
He knew (how to)Il a su
She knew (how to)Elle a su
We knew (how to)Nous avons su
You knew (how to) (vous)Vous avez su
They knew (how to)Ils, Elles ont su
I comeJe viens
You come (tu)Tu viens
He's comingIl vient
She's comingElle vient
We're comingNous venons
You're coming (vous)Vous venez
They're comingIls, Elles viennent
I cameJe suis venu
You came (tu)Tu es venu
He cameIl est venu
She cameElle est venu
We cameNous sommes venu
You came (vous)Vous êtes venu
They cameIls, Elles sont venu
I beginJe commence (à)
You begin (tu)Tu commences (à)
He beginsIl commence (à)
She beginsElle commence (à)
We beginNous commençons (à)
You begin (vous)Vous commencez (à)
They beginIls, Elles commencent (à)
I beganJ'ai commencé (à)
You began (tu)Tu as commencé (à)
He beganIl a commencé (à)
She beganElle a commencé (à)
We beganNous avons commencé (à)
You began (vous)Vous avez commencé (à)
They beganIls, Elles ont commencé (à)
I continueJe continue (à)
You continue (tu)Tu continues (à)
He continuesIl continue (à)
She continuesElle continue (à)
We continueNous continuons (à)
You continue (vous)Vous continuez (à)
They continueIls, Elles continuent (à)
I continuedJ'ai continué (à)
You continued (tu)Tu as continué (à)
He continuedIl a continué (à)
She continuedElle a continué (à)
We continuedNous avons continué (à)
You continued (vous)Vous avez continué (à)
They continuedIls, Elles ont continué (à)
It costsIl coûte
They cost (present)Ils coûtent
It cost (past)Il a coûté
They cost (past)Ils ont coûté
I ask (for)Je demande
You ask (for) (tu)Tu demandes
He asks (for)Il demande
She asks (for)Elle demande
We ask (for)We demandons
You ask (for)Vous demandez
They ask (for)Ils, Elles demandent
I asked (for)J'ai demandé
You asked (for) (tu)Tu as demandé
He asked (for)Il a demandé
She asked (for)Elle a demandé
We asked (for)Nous avons demandé
You asked (for)Vous avez demandé
They asked forIls, Elles ont demandé
I wantJe désire
You want (tu)Tu désires
He wantsIl désire
She wantsElle désire
We wantNous désirons
You want (vous)Vous désirez
They wantIls, Elles désirent
I wantedJ'ai désiré
You wanted (tu)Tu as désiré
He wantedIl a désiré
She wantedElle a désiré
We wantedNous avons désiré
You wanted (vous)Vous avez désiré
They wantedIls, Elles ont désiré
I teachJe enseigne
You teach (tu)Tu enseignes
He teachesIl enseigne
She teachesElle enseigne
We teachNous enseignons
You teach (vous)Vous enseignez
They teachIls, Elles enseignent
I taughtJ'ai enseigné
You taught (tu)Tu as enseigné
He taughtIl a enseigné
She taughtElle a enseigné
We taughtNous avons enseigné
You taught (vous)Vous avez enseigné
They taughtIls, Elles ont enseigné
I enterJ'entre (dans)
You enter (tu)Tu entres (dans)
He entersIl entre (dans)
She entersElle entre (dans)
We enterNous entrons (dans)
You enter (vous)Vous entrez (dans)
They enterIls, Elles entrent (dans)
I enteredJe suis entré (dans)
You entered (tu)Tu es entré (dans)
He enteredIl est entré (dans)
She enteredElle est entré (dans)
We enteredNous sommes entré (dans)
You entered (vous)Vous êtes entré (dans)
They enteredIls, Elles sont entré (dans)
I studyJ'étudie
You study (tu)Tu étudies
He studiesIl étudie
She studiesElle étudie
We studyNous étudions
You study (vous)Vous étudiez
They studyIls, Elles étudient
I studiedJ'ai étudié
You studied (tu)Tu as étudié
He studiedIl a étudié
She studiedElle a étudié
We studiedNous avons étudié
You studied (vous)Vous avez étudié
They studiedIls, Elles ont étudié
I live inJ'habite
You live in (tu)Tu habites
He lives inIl habite
She lives inElle habite
We live inNous habitons
You live in (vous)Vous habitez
They live inIls, Elles habitent
I lived inJ'ai habité
You lived in (tu)Tu as habité
He lived inIl a habité
She lived inElle a habité
We lived inNous avons habité
You lived in (vous)Vous avez habité
They lived inIls, Elles ont habité
I'm showingJe montre
You're showing (tu)Tu montres
He's showingIl montre
She's showingElle montre
We're showingNous montrons
You're showing (vous)Vous montrez
They're showingIls, Elles montrent
I showedJ'ai montré
You showed (tu)Tu as montré
He showedIl a montré
She showedElle a montré
We showedNous avons montré
You showed (vous)Vous avez montré
They showedIls, Elles ont montré
It's snowingIl neige
It snowedIl a neigé
I speakJe parle
You speak(tu)Tu parles
He speaksIl parle
She speaksElle parle
We speakNous parlons
You speak (vous)Vous parlez
They speakIls, Elles parlent
I spokeJ'ai parlé
You spoke (tu)Tu as parlé
He spokeIl a parlé
She spokeElle a parlé
We spokeNous avons parlé
You spoke (vous)Vous avez parlé
They spokeIls, Elles ont parlé
I placeJe place
You place (tu)Tu places
He placesIl place
She placesElle place
We placeNous plaçons
You place (vous)Vous placez
They placeIls, Elles placent
I placedJ'ai placé
You placed (tu)Tu as placé
He placedIl a placé
She placedElle a placé
We placedNous avons placé
You placed (vous)Vous avez placé
They placedIls, Elles ont placé
I preferJe préfère
You prefer (tu)Tu préfères
He prefersIl préfère
We preferNous préférons
You prefer (vous)Vous préférez
They preferIls, Elles préférent
I preferredJ'ai préféré
You preferred (tu)Tu as préféré
He preferredIl a préféré
She preferredElle a préféré
We preferredNous avons préféré
You preferred (vous)Vous avez préféré
They preferredIls, Elles ont préféré
I introduceJe présente
You introduce (tu)Tu présentes
He introducesIl présente
She introducesElle présente
We introduceNous présentons
You introduce (vous)Vous présentez
They introduceIls, Elles présentent
I introducedJ'ai présenté
You introduced (tu)Tu as présenté
He introducedIl a présenté
She introducedElle a présenté
We introducedNous avons présenté
You introduced (vous)Vous avez présenté
They introducedIls, Elles ont présenté
I'm leaving (place or person)Je quitte
You're leaving (place or person) (tu)Tu quittes
He's leaving (place or person)Il quitte
She's leaving (place or person)Elle quitte
We're leaving (place or person)Nous quittons
You're leaving (place or person) (vous)Vous quittez
They're leaving (place or person)Ils, Elles quittent
I left (place or person)J'ai quitté
You left (place or person) (tu)Tu as quitté
He left (place or person)Il a quitté
She left (place or person)Elle a quitté
We left (place or person)Nous avons quitté
You left (place or person) (vous)Vous avez quitté
They left (place or person)Ils, Elles ont quitté
I'm looking atJe regarde
You're looking at (tu)Tu regardes
He's looking atIl regarde
She's looking atElle regarde
We're looking atNous regardons
You're looking at (vous)Vous regardez
They're looking atIls, Elles regardent
I looked atJ'ai regardé
You looked at (tu)Tu as regardé
He looked atIl a regardé
She looked atElle a regardé
We looked atNous avons regardé
You looked at (vous)Vous avez regardé
They looked atIls, Elles ont regardé
I'm turningJe tourne
You're turning (tu)Tu tournes
He's turningIl tourne
She's turningElle tourne
We're turningNous tournons
You're turning (vous)Vous tournez
They're turningIls, Elles tournent
I turnedJ'ai tourné
You turned (tu)Tu as tourné
He turnedIl a tourné
She turnedElle a tourné
We turnedNous avons tourné
You turned (vous)Vous avez tourné
They turnedIls, Elles ont tourné
I workJe travaille
You work (tu)Tu travailles
He worksIl travaille
She worksElle travaille
We workNous travaillons
You work (vous)Vous travaillez
They workIls, Elles travaillent
I workedJ'ai travaillé
You worked (tu)Tu as travaillé
He workedIl a travaillé
She workedElle a travaillé
We workedNous avons travaillé
You worked (vous)Vous avez travaillé
They workedIls, Elles ont travaillé
I'm crossingJe traverse
You're crossing (tu)Tu traverses
He's crossingIl traverse
She's crossingElle traverse
We're crossingNous traversons
You're crossing (vous)Vous traversez
They're crossingIls, Elles traversent
I crossedJ'ai traversé
You crossed (tu)Tu as traversé
He crossedIl a traversé
She crossedElle a traversé
We crossedNous avons traversé
You crossed (vous)Vous avez traversé
They crossedIls, Elles ont traversé
It's locatedIl se trouve
It was locatedIl s'a trouvé
I thinkJe trouve
You think (tu)Tu trouves
He thinksIl trouve
She thinksElle trouve
We thinkNous trouvons
You think (vous)Vous trouvez
They thinkIls, Elles trouvent
I thoughtJ'ai trouvé
You thought (tu)Tu as trouvé
He thoughtIl a trouvé
She thoughtElle a trouvé
We thoughtNous avons trouvé
You thought (vous)Vous avez trouvé
They thoughtIls, Elles ont trouvé
to likeaimer
to loveaimer
to bringapporter
to look forchercher
to begincommencer (à)
to continuecontinuer (à)
to costcoûter
to ask (for)demander
to wantdésirer
to teachenseigner
to enterentrer (dans)
to studyétudier
to live (in)habiter
to showmontrer
to snowneiger
to speakparler
to placeplacer
to preferpréférer
to introduce, to presentprésenter
to leave (a place or person)quitter
to look (at)regarder
to turntourner
to worktravailler
to crosstraverser
to thinktrouver
to be locatedse trouver
to goaller
to haveavoir
to beêtre
to dofaire
to makefaire
to rainpleuvoir
to take (food)prendre
to learnapprendre
to understandcomprendre
to know (how to)savoir
to comevenir
Be goodSois sage
Let's be here at noonSoyons ici à midi
Be niceSoyez gentil
Have patienceAie de la patience
Let's have patienceAyons de la patience
Have patienceAyez de la patience
Know the verbsSache les verbes
Let's know the lessonSachons la lecon
Know their addressSachez leur adresse

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