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Java Games GWD 06 -Revolutionary War

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NeutralTaking no side in a conflict.
MercenariesPaid soldier who serves the army of a foreign country. German or "Hessian" troops where mercenaries.
RecruitTo enlist(join) the army.
DesertedTo leave the army without permission.
Inflationa continues rise in the prices of goods and services.
Blockadecut off a port or area with the use of warships. Prevents people or goods from moving in or out.
PrivateersAn armed non-navy ship that fights for money. The mercenaries of the sea.
Gurilla WarfareFighting by small bands of warriors using tactics such as ambushes
Ratifyto give offical approval
Ambushsurprise attack
American AdvantagesHome Field Advantage, Better Leaders
Bristish AdvantagesWorlds Best Navy, Larger Army, More Money, More People
George WashingtonAmericas Top General
Nathanael GreenAmerican General, "The man with the plan." Americas best stratagist
Henry KnoxAmerican General, Artillary (Cannon) expert
Thaddeus KosiuskoAmerican General (Polish) Engineer who built forts
Baron Frederich von SteubenAmerican General (German), taught Americans how to be soldiers
John Paul JonesAmericas best navy captain - he was a bit of a pirate
Marquis de LafayetteAmerican General (French) One of Washingtons best generals. Lafayette square is named after him.
Comte de RochambeauFrench General, The Top French military leader in America
Charles CornwallisBritish General, Top British General, surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown
Yankee DoodleA song made up by Hessian soldiers to make fun of Americans.
Lexington & ConcordThe first battle of the revolution.
Bunker HillThe secound battle of the revolution. British won but it proved America was tough.
Battle of Long IslandAmerica lost -big time :(
Washington Crossing the Deleware (Trenton)Surprise attack by George Washington at Christmas, American Victory over Hessian Mercenaries
Battle of SaratogaTurning point in the War! British General John Burgoyne surrenders his army
Battle of YorktownAmerican Victory, Last battle of the war, British General Cornwallis surrenders his army
Valley ForgeWhere American soldiers where trained by General Stuben over the winter
John BurgoyneBritish General, Surrendered his army at Saratoga

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