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Les. 2 "Physical Properties" Games

Test your knowledge of the physical properties of matter by using a matching game, concentration game, flash cards or a word search.

physical propetiesa characteristic that changes the looks of something but not the identity
thermal conductivitythe rate at which a substance transfers heat
statesthe physical form in which a substance exists
densitythe amount of mass in a volume
soluble/solubilitythe ability of a substance to dissolve in water
ductile/ductilitythe abiltiy of a substance to be pulled into a wire
malleable/malleabilitythe ability of a substance to be rolled or pounded into shapes
liquid densitieswill form layers and not mix together
density of water1.0 grams per mL or 1.0 grams per cubic cm
calculate densitydivide the mass by the volume
physical changea change that affects the physical properties of a substance
physical change examplesmelting ice, cutting a board, dissolving sugar, painting a wall
physical property exampleswords describing size, shape, color, texture, temperature, hardness & more
importance of densityhelps to identify substances
chemical changesmake something new and different
example of states of mattersolid, liquid, gas
density labelsg per cubic cm or g per mL

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