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verbs irregular in the YO(present tense)

hagoi make
hacesyou make
haceshe makes
hacemoswe make
hacenthey make
pongoi put
ponesyou put
poneshe put
ponemoswe put
ponenthey put
salgoi leave
salesyou leave
salehe leaves
salemoswe leave
salenthey leave
traigoi bring
traesyou bring
traeshe brings
traemoswe bring
traenthey bring
caigoi fall
caesyou fall
caeshe falls
caemoswe fall
caenthey fall
doyi give
dasyou give
dashe gives
damoswe give
danthey give
veoi see
vesyou see
vehe sees
vemoswe see
venyou(pl) see
conozcoi am acquainted or familiar with
conocesyou are acquainted or familiar with
conocehe is acquainted or familiar with
conocemoswe are acquainted or familiar with
conocenthey are acquainted or familiar with
conduzcoi drive
conducesyou drive
conduceshe drives
conducemoswe drive
conducenthey drive
traduzcoi translate
traducesyou translate
traducehe translates
traducimoswe translate
traducenthey translate
i know
sabesyou know
sabeshe knows
sabemoswe know

Dr. Jurgens

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