Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Behavior of Gases

Review the behavior of gases with a matching and concentration game, flash cards and a word search.

gas particle arrangementlots of empty space
temperaturea measure of how fast particles move
fast particle motionhigh temperatures
slow particle motionlow temperatures
a hot dayparticles expand & push harder
a cold dayparticles contract & don't push as hard
volumethe amount of space an object takes up
gas volumematches its container
compressing gas/liquidscan compress gases, but NOT liquids
pressurethe amount of force/push on an area
particles under pressurehigh pressure means more collisions
gases flow from _ to _high to low
Boyle's Lawpressure and volume change in opposite ways
Charles's Lawtemperature and volume change in the same way
temperature & pressuretemperature and pressure change in the same way
Boyle's Law examplesbasketball/tin can get smaller in air chamber
Charles's Law examplesbasketballs/balloons get smaller on a cold day
temperature & pressure examplestruck tires blowing out in the summer

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