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Noah's Wife

Match facts about the Bible story of Noah's Wife.

Read the story of Noah's Wife

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Noah's wifeis unnamed in the Bible
Noahbuilt an ark
God____ told Noah to build an ark.
wickednesscaused the earth to be destroyed
40the number of days and nights it rained
7the number of each clean animal in the ark
2the number of each unclean animal taken aboard
100the number of years for building the ark
500Noah's age when his sons were born
600Noah's age when the rains began
Lamechfather of Noah
Methuselahgrandfather of Noah
1 year and 10 daysThey were in the ark for ____.
altarwhat Noah built when he left the ark
sacrificewhat Noah offered on the altar
eightthe number of people saved in the ark
rainbowthe sign of God's promise
Shem, Ham, and Japhethsons of Noah and his wife
the sons' wivesdaughters-in-law of Noah and his wife
flooda big rain

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