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Vergil 4.331-361

monita, -ōrum (n)advice, warnings
obnīxus, -a, -umstraining, exerting great effort; determined, resolute
ēnumerō (1)to set forth, list, enumerate
prōmeroer, prōmerērī, prōmeritus sumto deserve, earn, merit
piget, pigēre, piguitit displeases, irks, causes regrets for someone to do something
Elissa, -ae (f)Dido
spīritus, -ūs (m)breathing, breath; spirit, soul
abscondō, abscondere, abscondī, absconditusto hide (away), conceal, keep secret
fūrtum, ī (n)robbery, theft; stealth, deceit, trickery
nē fingedo not imagine
praetendō, praetendere, praetendī, praetentusto hold out, to extend across, stretch forth
spōns, spontis (f)will, violition
recidīvus, -a, -umfalling back; reborn
exter, -tera, -terumexternal; foreign
quotiēnsas often
igneus, -a, -umof fire, fiery
admoneō, admonēre, admonuī, admonitusto warn, admonish
fraudō (1) + ablto deprive, cheat; to deprive of, cheat out of
interpres, interpretis (m)intermediary, agent; spokesman, messenger
querēla, -ae (f)appeal, complaint
lūmen, lūminis (n)light, radiance; eye (esp in pl)
valeō, valēre, valuī, valitūrusto be strong, to be well
operiō, operīre, operuī, opertusto hide, cover
ūmeō, ūmēreto be moist/wet
imāgō, imāginis (f)likenes, mask; shape, vision, image
turbidus, -a, -umvoilently agitated, tubulent; troubled, gloomy; confused, disturbed
uterque, utraque, utrumqueeach (of two); both
testor, testārī, testātus sumtp swear by; to call someone to witness
manifestus, -a, -umdetected in the act; evident, obvious; clearly visible

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