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Civil War Words

Civil War related vocabulary

Confederate General whose military genius may have kept the Confederacy alive.Robert E. Lee
American Officer who became a Union General. Know as a great strategistWinfield Scott
16th president of the US. An abolitionist who believed that slavery was a national problem.Abraham Lincoln
1st and only president of the Confederate States of America.Jefferson Davis
Confederate battleship also known as the the Virginia. Used in the first battle with ironclad ships.The Merrimac
A farm or area used to grow crops, usually part of a large estate.Plantation
Confederate general known as "Stonewall" because his troops stood strong at the Battle of Bull Run.Thomas J. Jackson
Freeing from imprisonment or slavery.Emancipation
A term applied to native Southerners who worked with Northerners and blacks to rebuild the Southern states.Scalawag
Union ship used in battle on March 9, 1862. This was the first conflict between ironclad ships.The Monitor
To end or outlaw.Abolish
A war between two or more regions of the same country.Civil War
A term applied to Northerners who moved to Southern states to help with reconstruction. They were called this because of the carpet suitcases they carried.Carpetbaggers
Any group of two or more states that work together for a common purpose. The Southern states during the Civil War.Confederacy
Union Major General whose successful campaign in Georgia split the Confederacy in two and made an important contribution to the Union victory.William Tecumseh Sherman
18th president of the US and a powerful Union general.Ulysses S. Grant
Site of the first battle of the American Civil War. On April 12, 1861, Confederates fired upon this fort.Fort Sumter
To formally withdraw membership in an organization or political group.Secede
Union general who led the 3rd Cavalry division wearing a trademark Wild West uniform.George Armstrong Custer
An American writer and abolitionist. Writer of Uncle Tom's Cabin.Harriet Beecher Stowe
Term used to describe the Northerners.Yankees
Term used to describe the Southern army.Rebels
Eighty YearsFour Score
The Battle at Fort Sumter - The first battle of the Civil War.April 12, 1861
Helped runaway slaves on the Underground RailroadHarriet Tubman
The United States of AmericaUnion
Horseback units.Cavalry
Units that travelled and fought on foot.Infantry
A long line of safe places where escaped slaves could hide as they sneaked north toward freedom.Underground Railroad
A person who wants to end slaveryAbolitionist
A Confederate prison near Macon, GeorgiaAndersonville Prison
Being drafted into military service - being forced to joinConscription
The Presidential order of 1863 that freed enslaved people in the Confederate states.Emancipation Proclamation
The era immediately following the war - a time when they were trying to rebuild the destroyed areas.Reconstruction
The surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia.April 9, 1865
The amendment to the Constitution that abolished slavery.Thirteenth Amendment
The date the Thirteenth Amendment was passed.January 31, 1865
a slave who escaped to or was brought into Union LinesContraband
One or more soldiers who stand gaurd to give warning of enemy approachpicket
Laws that stated that slaves were not allowed to leave their owners' land, meet in groups, buy or sell goods, or learn to read or write.Slave Codes

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