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Vergil 4.362-392

prōfor, prōfārī, prōfātus sumto speak out, hold forth
cautēs, cautis (f)rock, cliff, crag, reef
ūber, ūberis (n)breast, udder
miseror, -ārī, -ātus sumto view with compassion, feel sorry for, pity
anteferō, anteferre, antetulī, antelātusto put (something, someone) before (another), give precedence to
augur, auguris (m)augur, interpreter of omens; prophet, seer
sollicitō (1)to harass, disturb, worry
refellō, refellereto refute, rebut, argue against
supplicium, -ī (n)punishment; suffering, torment
sēdūcō, sēdūcere, sēdūxī, sēductusto draw aside; separate (from)
abrumpō, abrumpere, abrūpī, abruptusto break (apart); to break off, cut short, end
famula, -ae (f)maid-servant, (female) attendent
marmoreus, -a, -um(made of) marble
egeō, egēre, eguī (+ gen or abl)to need, want; to be needy, indigent
iamdūdumsome time ago, for a long time
tueor, tuērī, tuitus sumto look at; to watch over, protect
dissimulō (1)pretend, conceal, disguise
quidwhat, why
ingemuō, ingemere, ingemuīto utter a cry of pain, moan, groan
flectō, flectere, flexī, flexusto bend, curve; to tun, redirect; to influence
flētus, -ūs (m)weeping, tears
equidemfor my part, indeed, in truth
suscipiō, suscipere, suscēpī, susceptusto catch from below, save (from falling); to support, hold up

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