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Vergil 4.437-449

obstruō, obstruere, obstrūxī, obstrūctusto block, obstruct, seal
annōsus, -a, -umfull of years, aged, old, ancient
quercus, -ūs (f)oak-tree
flātus, -ūs (m)blowing, blast (of wind), gust
illincfrom the direction of, thence
cōsternō, cōnsternere, cōnstrāvī, cōnstrātusto cover (by strewing), spread over
stīpes, stīpitis (m)trunk (of a tree)
rādīx, rādīcis (f)root
adsiduus, -a, -umcontinuous, ceaseless
flētus, -ūs (m)weeping, tears
tractābilis, -is, -eeasy to handle, manageable; amenable
rōbur, rōburis (n)oak tree, oak-wood; firmness, strength
frōns, frondis (f)leafy part of the tree, foliage
tendō, tendere, tetendī, tēnsusto extend, stretch out, spread out; to stretch back, pull tight, draw (a bow); direct, aim (for)
tundō, tundere, tutundī, tūnsusto strike repeated blows, beat
persentiō, persentīre, persēnsī, persēnsusto perceive, feel deeply

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