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Stage Terminology

These games cover stage terminology words associated with the different stage types.

stagethe area where the players perform; usually a raised platform
proscenium stagea four-sided stage built like a box with one side cut away, enabling the audience to view the play as if it were in a picture frame
grand drapethe draperies covering the proscenium opening, separating the audience from the stage
wingsoffstage spaces to the sides of the acting area
arena stagea stage constructed so that the audience can sit on all sides; also known as "theatre-in-round."
flexible stagingany stage not classified as proscenium, arena, or thrust
thrust stagea stage that extends into the seating area. The audience sits on three sides of the stage
housethe section of the theatre where the audience sits;also called "out front"
acting areasnine to fifteen divisions of the stage floor, used by directors when moving actors or placing furniture or scenery
blockingplanning and working out the movements and stage grouping for a play
levelthe actual head height of the actor as determined by his or her body position
planesimaginary divisions giving depth to the proscenium stage.
stage picturean appealing and meaningful arrangement of performers on the stage

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