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Carbohydrates, Water & Fiber Activities

What are the six nutrients?vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, water, fat
What type of carbohydrate is sugar?simple carbohydrate
What type of carbohydrate is starch?complex carbohydrate
How do simple carbohydrates digested?These carbohydrates are digest very easily.
What is water?An important nutrient necessary to live.
Do complex carbohydrates get digested faster or slower than simple carbohydrates?They take longer and is slower to digest.
What is glucose?A type of sugar that gives you energy.Your body turns carbohydrates into glucose and carries it in your blood to all cells.
What do carbohydrates do for your body?They give all the cells in your body the energy it needs.
What does water do for your body?2/3 of our body is water. 90% of blood is water. Water helps regulate body temperature, food digestion.
Examples of simple carbohydrates.Apples, bananas, oranges & ice cream.
Examples of complex carbohydratesoatmeal, rice, pretzels, bagels, bread, cereal, pasta, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, peppers
Name 7 forms of sugar you may see on an ingredient list.Sucrose, lactose, glucose, fructose, dextrose, maltose, galactose, honey
How would test foods for starch?Drops of iodine turn the test food black.
How would test foods for glucose?The test paper turns green.
Which carbohydrate comes with lots of fat and lacks important vitamins?simple carbohydrates
Which type of carbohydrate also provides fiber to the body?complex carbohydrates
Which foods are good sources of fiber?fruits, vegetables, and whole grain breads
Why is fiber important?It pushes food through the digestives system?
Can people digest fiber?No
Why can't people digest fiber?People don't have the enzymes to digest fiber.
What are enzymes?They are chemicals your body makes that speed up digestion.
What is diarrhea?Too much water in a person's bowel movements.
What is constipation?Bowel movements are harder and dryer than normal.
When is a person dehydrated?when the body loses more fluids that it take in
What are the symptoms of dehydration?feeling thirsty, weak, tired, dizzy, sleepy, and nauseated
What is a symptom of diarrhea?bowel movements are runny and watery
How is constipation treated?Eat more fiber and drink more water.
Which body systems need water to function properly?circulatory, urinary, and digestive
How much water is lost everyday in breathing, urine,feces, and perspiration?about 2-3 quarts
Which food contains all the six important nutrients?Not one food.
Which nutrient releases energy first?carbohydrates
After getting energy from carbohydrates, where does your body get the energy it need?fats then protein
What is glycogen?The name given to glucose when it is stored. (stored in liver & muscles)

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