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CLC Stage 37 - B - Words you should still know

audācia, -aeboldness, audacity
numsurely not; you didn't, did you?
nōnnesurely; you did, didn't you?
simulatqueas soon as
nūllus, -a, -umno, none
scio, scīre, scīvī, scītumto know
autemhowever, but
maneō, manēre, mānsī, mānsumto stay, remain
in animō volvereto wonder, to turn over in one's mind
sequor, sequī, secutus sumto follow
cēterī, -ae, -athe rest
ostendō, ostendere, ostendī, ostentumto show
superō, superāre, superāvī, superātumto overpower, overcome
audeō, audēre, ausus sumto dare
vīnciō, -īre, vīnxī, vīnctumto bind, tie up

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