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winston churchillprime minister of great britain during WWII
emperor hirohitojapanese thought of him as divine
douglas macarthurdirected post-war occupation of japan
george marshallproposed a plan that provided $13 bil in relief 2 Europe
joseph stalinleader of soviet union during WWII
adolf hitlernazi dictator known as fuhrer
FD Rooseveltproclaimed Pearl Harbor was a day that will live in infamy
benito mussoliniil duce, leader of the first fascist state
harry trumanbecame president when FDR died and decided to use atomic bomb
dwight d eisenhowercommander of D-Day invasion
fascismpolitical movement that emphasized autocratic and nationalist policies
kamikazejapanese suicide missions
genocidesystematic and purposeful destruction of a racial, political, religious, or cultural group
anti-semitismhostility towards jews
armed aggressionwars of conquest
final solutionthe use of extermination camps and gas chambers by Nazis against Jews
blitzreigsudden massive attacks or lightning war
island-hoppingmilitary strategy used by allies in pacific against japanese
August 6 1945first atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima
Nagasakicity where 2nd atomic bomb was dropped
December 7th 1941Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
June 6th 1945D-Day, Allies stormed beaches of Normandy
United Nationsinternational peace-keeping organization founded after WWII
marxistssocial democrats who gained political power during the Russian Revolution subdivisions: bolsheviks and mensheviks
Treaty of Brest-Litovskpeace conference between germany and russia
New Economic Policylaunched by Stalin, a compromise with capitalism
ultimatuma set of final conditions
Rome-Berlin Axisalliance before WWII between Italy and Germany
Advantages of British in Battle of Britaintracking system (radar) and decoding machine (ultra)
May 8th, 1945germans surrendered unconditionally, Victory in Europe, or V-E Day

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