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11.6 WWII

The Americans-Reconstruction through 20th Century
Chapter 16-17
CA History Social Science Standards 11.6

Joseph Stalinfascist dictator of the Soviet Union
Benito Mussolinifascist dictator of Italy
Adolf Hitlerfascist dictator of Germany
Britainthis nation won the Battle of Britain
Neville Chamberlainthis British prime minister signed the Munich Pact
Munich Pactagreement with Germany regarding Czechoslovakia, signed by Neville Chamberlain
Battle of Britainthe result of this led Hitler to call of the invasion of Britain
blitzkriegGerman word for "lightning war"
lightning warblitzkrieg
Polandthis nation was the first country to be invaded and taken over by Germany
nonagression pactprior to the invasion of Poland, this is what Germany and the Soviet Union agreed to
Polandthis nation ceased to exist after it was divided between Germany and the Soviet Union
Germanythis country invaded Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg
appeasementby signing the Munich Pact, Britain and France agreed to take this policy toward German aggression
Winston Churchillabout the Munich Pact, he said, "Britain and France had to choose between war and dishonor. They chose dishonor. They will have war."
Francethe terms of surrender forced on this nation included German occupation of the northern part of the country and the establishment of a Nazi-controlled puppet government in the southern part
Kristallnachtthe night of broken glass
Neutrality Act of 1939this allowed nations to buy American armaments as long as they pay cash and carry the goods home on their own ships
Axis PowersGermany, Italy, Japan
Lend-Lease Actallows the president to loan or "rent" arms to "any country whose defense is vital to the US"
Atlantic Chartersecretly drafted by Churchill and Roosevelt aboard a warship off the coast of Newfoundland
Hideki Tojoprime minister of Japan
JapanHideki Tojo was this nation's prime minister during WWII
Pearl Harborsite of a surprise attack on the US by Japan
Pearl Harborthe US declared war on Japan after this event
JapanGermany and Italy declared war on the US after the US declared war on this country
Manhattan Projectthis is what the atomic bomb program came to be called
Office of Price Administrationthis was created by Congress to fight the threat of inflation
Selective Service Systemthis instituted the draft and eventually mustered ten million soldiers
rationingthis was the method used to decrease the use of scarce and essential wartime goods
Niseithis term refers to Japanese Americans who were born in the USA
George Marshallthis Army Chief of Staff pushed for the formation of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps
WAAC'sthe Women's Auxiliary Army Corps
War Production Boardthis assumed the responsibility for converting industry from peacetime to wartime production and distributing raw materials to key industries
Office of Scientific Research and Developmentthis was responsible for improvements in radar and sonar and the development of "wonder drugs" such as penicillin that saved countless lives
Harry S. TrumanFDR's vice president
V-E Daythis day marked the end of the war in Europe
Majdanekthis death camp was the first liberated by the Allies
D-Daythis day marked the invasion of Nazi-controlled Europe
Operation Torchthis included the invasion of Axis-controlled North Africa
George Pattonthis American General led the troops that liberated Paris from German occupation
Battle of the Bulgethe initial success of this German offensive battle was due mainly to the Allies' being caught off guard
kamikazesJapanes suicide pilots
Midwayturning point in the war in the Pacific
Hiroshimasite the first atomic bomb was dropped on
Harry Trumanpresident who made the decision to drop the atomic bomb

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