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Pharaoh's Daughter

Match facts about Pharaoh's Daughter.

Read the story of Pharaoh's Daughter

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princessPharaoh's daughter was a ____.
Miriamsister of Moses
Jochebedmother of Moses
Moses____ was drawn out of the water.
Nilean important river in Egypt
hieroglyphicsEgyptian writing
Pharaohordered the Hebrew baby boys killed
wagesJochebed received ____ for caring for her son.
tenderhearteda word to describe the princess
God____ had a special job for Moses.
slavesThe Hebrews were ____ in Egypt
Egyptthe land of the Pharaohs
decreeA ____ is an order.
wickeda word to describe Pharaoh
olderMiriam was ____ than Moses.
arkanother word for the basket boat
bathingThe princess was _____ in the river.
criedThe baby ____ when the basket was opened.
maidThe princess sent her ____ to fetch the basket.
nurseMiriam offered to find a ____ for the baby.
motherMiriam brought her ____ to be the nurse.
palaceMoses grew up in the _____.

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