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V6 Heredity

hereditythe passing of traits from parents to young
dominant traita trait that prevents the showing of another trait
genotypethe gene combination in an organism
incomplete dominanceneither trait is dominant nor recessive
Y chromosomethe chromosome found only in males
geneticsthe scientific study of heredity
recessive traita trait that is hidden by a dominant trait
hybridone dominant and one recessive trait (Tt)
meiosiscell division producing gametes
purebred dominanttwo dominant traits (TT)
purebred recessivetwo recessive traits (tt)
replicationDNA doubling
genea section of the chromosome
phenotypethe inherited appearance of an organism
gametea cell with half the chromosomes
X chromosometwo of these make a female genotype
mutationa change in the DNA pattern
Punnett Squarea chart showing genetic combinations
self pollinationcrossing an organism with itself
cross pollinationcrossing one organism with another
Gregor MendelAustrian monk who discovered the principles of heredity
traita characteristic
DNAthe chemical language of heredity
chromosomea single strand of genetic material
selective breedingthe process of choosing and mating organisms with desired traits
genetic engineeringtaking genes from one organism and placing them in another
colorblindnessone of the traits carried on the X chromosome

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