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Literary Terms

plotaction of the story
expositionpart of story that introduces setting and characters
rising actionpart of story where tension builds and climbs
climaxpoint of story where tension is highest
falling actionpart in which the story moves to an end
resolutionpart in the story in which loose ends are tied up
external conflictconflict between a character and outside force
internal conflictconflict that occurs within a character
protagonistmain character in the story trying to overcome an obstacle, person, or force
antagonistthe force, person, or obstacle that stands in the way of the main character's attempt to solve the problem
narratorperson telling the story
characterizationhow the author creates people for a story
ironyan implication of meaning where there is a striking contrast between what the statement says and means
moodthe feeling the author wants the reader to experience
first personnarrator is one of the charcters in the story and uses pronouns such as I, me, and we
third person limitedpoint of view in which narrator brings us into the mind of only one character
third person omniscientnarrator knows everything about the characters and can see into their minds
settingtime and place in which the story occurs
suspensethe tension created in the reader by the action of the story
symbolsomething that stands for something else
themea brief generalized meaning of the story
dialecta form of language as it is spoken in a certain place and among a certain group of people

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