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Chapter 71 A King Who Lost His Head

King Charles ISon of King James, also believed in Divine Right of Kings
King Charles' army consisted of...Lords and nobles who prepared for battle by partying
Oliver CromwellLeader of "Ironsides", the army of Parliament people who wanted their rights
The Parliament army members...Were excellent fighters, prayed before battle, trained their soldiers
When Charles' army was defeated...Some Parliament members condemned him to death and beheaded him in 1649
Oliver Cromwell ruled over England....After defeating King Charles, Oliver was stern, strict, and fair
The ProtectorWhat Oliver Cromwell called himself since he was not really a king
Unable to rule effectively, Oliver Cromwell's son resigned as England's rulerin 1660 A.D. Charles II, another Stuart from Scotland became King of England when this happened
Merry MonarchName for King Charles II, referred to his self indulgence and lack of caring for anything else
What King Charles II did to those who had killed his fatherHe took revenge by killing them
The plagueBroke out in London during Charles II's reign
1666 A.D.Year of the Great Fire that burned most of London
William and MaryStuart rulers that signed the Bill of Rights, giving Parliament the power to rule England
Glorious RevolutionThe signing of the Bill of Rights was called the....because there was no war


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