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other important irregular verbs in the present tense

tengoi have
tienesyou have
tieneshe has
tenemoswe have
tienenthey have
obtengoi get
obtienesyou get
obtienehe gets
obtenemoswe get
obtienenthey get
vengoi come
vienesyou come
vieneshe comes
venemoswe come
vienenthey come
digoi say or tell
dicesyou say or tell
dicehe says or tells
decimoswe say or tell
dicenthey say or tell
oigoi hear
oyesyou hear
oyeshe hears
oímoswe hear
oyenthey hear
soyi am
eresyou are
eshe is
somoswe are
sonthey are
estoyi am
estásyou are
estáshe is
estamoswe are
estánthey are
ríoi laugh
ríesyou laugh
ríeshe laughs
reímoswe laugh
reíenthey laugh
sonríoi smile
sonríesyou smile
sonríehe smiles
sonreímoswe smile
sonreíenyou (pl) smile
voyi go
vasyou go
vashe goes
vamoswe go
vanthey go

Dr. Jurgens

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