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Vergil 4.642-666

efferus, -a, -umwild, savage; frantic, furious
macula, -ae (f)stain, spot, blemish
interfūsus, -a, -umcovered, flecked
gena, -ae (f)cheek
furibundus, -a, -umfull of fury, frenzied, raging
cubīle, cubīlis (n)bed, couch
exsolvō, exsolvere, exsoluī, exsolūtusto unfasten, undo; to set free, release
peragō, peragere, perēgī, perāctusto do thoroughly, complete; to go through, deal with
imprimō, imprimere, impressī, impressusto apply with pressure, press (on/upon); to imprint, engrave (with)
lāmenta, -ōrum (n)wailing, weeping, lamentation
ululātus, -ūs (m)howling, shrieking
resonō (1)to echo, resound, reverberate
exterreō (2)to frighten, terrify
unguis, unguis (m)fingernail
pugnus, -ī (m)clenched hand, fist
fraus, fraudis (f)harm, danger; deceit, guile
lympha, -ae (f)water-nymph; water
hālitus, -ūs (m)exhalation; breath
cubitum, -ī (n)elbow
obitus, -ūs (m)approach, encounter; act of dying, death
aciēs, -ēī (f)ege, line, eye
hauriō, haurīre, hausī, haustusdrain, drink (in)
coeptum, -ī (n)undertaking, beginning

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