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Vergil 6.1-33

adlābor, adlābī, adlāpsus sumto glide toward
obvertō, obvertere, obvertī, obversusto turn (to face) toward
dēns dentis (m)tooth; hook, prong, spike
ēmīcō (1)to dart forth, dash out
sēmen, sēminis (n)see; element; spark
abstrūsus, -a, -umconcealed, hidden
praesideō, praesidēre, praesēdīto sit in charge of, keep watch over, preside
īnspīrō (1)to breathe into, inspire
Trivia, -ae (f)meeting place of three roads, crossroads; Trivia
praepes, praepetisflying straight ahead; fleeting, swift
īnsuētus, -a, -umuncustomary, unusual, novel
ēnō (1)to swim forth, fly forth
pendō, pendere, pependī, pēnsusto weigh; to pay
Cecropidēs, -ae (m)descendents of Cecrops, Athenians
septēnī, -ae, -aseven each, seven on each occasioon, seven at a time
quotannīsannually, every year
urna, -ae (f)urn, jar
suppōnō, suppōnere, supposuī, suppositusto put under, position beneath
fūrtōcraftily, stealthily, by deception
bifōrmis, -is, -etwo-formed, hybrid
insum, inesse, īnfuī, īnfutūrusto be in/on; to appear in; to be part of
monimentum, -ī (n)memorial, reminder
inextrīcābilis, -is, -eimpossible to distangle/sort out, insoluble; inextricable, inescapable
effingō, effingere, effīnxī, effīnctusto mold, fashion, shape; to portray, depict
litus, litoris (n)shore, seashore
fera, -aewild beast
antrum, -īcave
vates, vatisseer, prophet
penna, -aewing, feather
rēmigium, -īoarage, rowing equipment
miseror, miserārī, miserātus sumpity, commiserate
nefandus, -a, -umunspeakable, unutterable
error, errōris (m)wandering, maze, error

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