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Song of War p. 431 Column 2 Vocabulary

Flashcards, matching, and concentration games of vocabulary of column 2 of page 431 of Song of War

capiō, capere, cēpī, captus, -a, -umto take, catch, capture, seize
cernō, cernere, crēvī, crētus, -a, -umto sift; to distinguish, separate; to see, perceive
condō, condere, condidī, conditus, -a, -umto put into, store (up); to hide; to found, establish
corripiō, corripere, corripuī, correptus, -a, -umto seize hold of, snatch up, seize and carry off; to hasten upon, hasten over; to attack, overcome
crēdō,crēdere, crēdidī, crēditus, -a, -umto trust, believe
dēmittō, dēmittere, dēmīsī, dēmissus, -a, -umto send (down), let down, lower
dēserō, dēserere, dēseruī, dēsertus, -a, -umto leave (behind), abandon
ēripiō, ēripere, ēripuī, ēreptus, -a, -umto snatch from, rescue
errō, errāre, errāvī, errātūrus, -a, -umto wander, be mistaken
faciō, facere, fēcī, factus, -a, -umto make, do
fugiō, fugere, fūgī, fugitūrus, -a, -umto flee
fundō, fundere, fūdī, fūsus, -a, -u,to pour (out); to emit; to give birth to; to pour forth (sounds), utter freely; to rout, drive out; to lay low, slay; to spread (out), stretch (out)
furō, furereto be mad, be crazed; to rage
gerō, gerere, gessī, gestus, -a, -umto wear; to carry on, perform, do
haereō, haerēre, haesī, haesus, -a, -umto stick, cling
caecus, caeca, caecumblind, blinded; dark, black, gloomy; unseen, hidden
caput, capitis n.head
cāsus, cāsūs m.falling, fall; accident, chance; event; misfortune, disaster, risk
causa, causae f.reason
cavus, cava, cavumhaving a depression on the surface, concave; hollow; full of caves, cavernous, porous
clāmor, clāmoris m.shout, shouting
classis, classis f.class (of citizens); naval force, fleet
clipeus, clipeī m.shield
comes, comitis m/f.companion
contrā (+ acc.) (adv.)against, opposite, in front of, facing; (adv.) on the other hand, at the same time, in turn
crūdēlis, crūdēlecruel
cursus, cursūs m.running, rushing; journey, course;
dea, deae f.goddess
dext(e)ra, dext(e)rae f.right hand
diēs, diēī m/
dolor, doloris m.grief, pain
dolus, dolī m.trick
dōnum , dōnī
dulcis, dulcesweet (in taste, smell); not salty, fresh; delightful, dear
eccelook! look at...!
equidemfor my part, personally speaking; indeed, in truth
equus, equī
etiamalso, even
extrēmus, extrēma, extrēmumsituated at the end, the end of; the rear of; last (part of); final; end (of life); extreme
fīnis, fīnis m.end
flūctus, flūctus m.wave, billow, waters (of the sea)
forteby chance
fortis, fortebrave
fortūna, fortūnae f.fortune (good or bad)
fuga, fugae f.running away, flight
furor, furoris m.frenzy
gemitus, gemitūs m.pained/sorrowful sound, groan, moan
genitor, genitoris m.father; creator
genus, generis n.race, stock, nation; offspring; kind, type
gravis, graveheavy serious; burdened
haudnot, by no means

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