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Vergil 6.77-97

patior, patī, passus sumto suffer, endure; allow
excutiō, exutere, excussī, excussusto shake off/out, knock off/out; to throw out, expel
rabidus, -a, -umravening, raging; rabid, mad; frenzied, wild
fatīgō (1)to tire out, weary, exhaust;
domō (1)to tame, subdue
fingō, -ere, fīnxī, fīctusto make, form, fashion;mold
pateō, patēre, patuīto open up; be open, lie open; reveal
dēfungor, dēfungī, dēfūnctus sumto perform to conclusion, complete, survive
cernō, -ere, crēvī, crētusto sift; to distinguish, separate; to see, perceive
spūmō (1)to froth, foam;
dēsum, -esse, -fuī,to be lacking/missing
pariō, parere, peperī, partusto give birth to; to bring forth, produce
egēnus, -a, -umrequiring assistance, needy
hospita, -ae (f)foreign, alien
externus, a, -umcoming from abroad, foreign, alien
sinō, sinere, sīvī, situsto allow
reor, rērī ratus sumto think, believe,
pandō, pandere, passusto spread out, to reveal

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