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Water and Basic Chemistry

Organicterm used to describe a compound containing both carbon and hydrogen
Inorganicterm used to describe a compound lacking both carbon and hydrogen
Solutiona mixture in which the individual molecules or ions of a substance are uniformly distributed
Solutethe substance dissolved in a solvent
Solventsubstance in which a material (solute) is dissolved in
neutralpH of 7
Acida substance that releases H+ in water; below 7 on a pH scale
Basea substance that releases OH- in water; above 7 on the pH scale
pHthe measure that determines if a substance is a acid or a base; scale runs from 0-14
productssubstances found to the right of an equation arrow
reactantsubstances found to the left of an equation arrow
Polar compounda molecule, like water, with an unbalanced charge distribution

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