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Electrons Vocabulary

energy levelfixed energies that electrons can have
quantumthe amount of energy required to move an electron
quantum mechanical modelmathematically describes probable locations of electrons
orbitalregion of space with a high probabilitly of finding an electron
aufbau principleelectrons occupy lowest energy level orbitals first
Pauli exclusion principleno more than two electrons in same orbitals and they have to have opposite spins
Hund's rulesingle first then double up
amplitudewave height from base
cresthighest part of wave
troughlowest part of wave
frequencynumber of cycles per second (?)
wavelengththe distance between two identical points (?)
hertz (Hz)SI unit for cycles per second
speed of lightc= 3.0 X 108 m/s
electromagnetic radiationenergy which travels in self propagating waves
spectrumlight split into different wavelengths (colors)
atomic emission spectrumelements emit characteristic colors seperated into lines
ground statelowest energy level possible
excited stateelectrons have jumped up to higher levels
photonpacket of light energy (quantum)
Heisenberg uncertainty pricipleimpossible to know exact velocity and position of electron at same time
DeBrogliewave -particle duality of nature

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