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Song of War p. 432 Column 1 Vocabulary

Flashcards, matching, and concentration of vocabulary on page 432 Col. 1 of Song of War.

pōnō, pōnere, posuī, positus, -a, -umto put, place
premō, premere, pressī, pressus, -a, -umto press, grip tightly; to press upon (in puruit); to subdue, suppress, hold back; to tread upon, step on
quaerō, quaerere, quaesvī, quaesītus, -a, -umto seek, look for, ask (for)
parō, parāre, parāvī, parātus, -a, -umto prepare, get ready
rapiō, rapere, rapuī, raptus, -a, -umto snatch, seize
reddō, reddere, reddidī, redditus, -a, -umto give back, return; to reply
referō, referre, rettulī, relātus, -a, -umto bring back, report, reply, write down
relinquō, relinquere, relīquī, relictus, -a, -umto leave behind
ruō, ruere, ruī, ---to rush; to rush wildly, charge; to collapse; to rush through/over
servō, servāre, servāvī, servātus, -a, -umto save, keep, protect
sinō, sinere, sīvī, situs, -a, -umto allow
sternō, sternere, strāvī, strātus, -a, -umto lay out on the ground, spread; to scatter, strew; to strike down, lay low, slay
subeō, subīre, subiī, subitus, -a, -umto go underneath; to support, carry, lift; to move/rise up; to come up to, approach; to come up with assistance
surgō, surgere, surrēxī, surrēctūrus, -a, -umto get up, rise
parēns, parentis m/f.parent
pars, partis f.part, direction, region
patria, patriae f.nation, native land
patrius, patria, patriumof a father, a father's; ancestral; of one's birthplace, native
pelagus, pelagī m.sea, ocean
pēs, pedis m.foot
Phoebus, Phoebī m.Apollo
poena, poenae f.punishment, penalty
populus, populī m.people
porta, portae f.gate, entrance, opening
prīmō (adv.)first; at first
prō (+ abl.)for, on behalf of, as
puer, puerī m.boy
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrumbeautiful, pretty, handsome
quāwhere, by which route; by any chance, in any way
quālis, quāleof what sort, what kind
quamthan, as
quid (adv.)why
rēgīna, rēgīnae f.queen
saevus, saeva, saevumfierce, savage
saxum, saxī n.rock, boulder, stone
sīdus, sīderis n.heavenly body, star, planet; (pl.) the heavens, stars
silva, silvae f.woods, forest
somnus, somnī m.sleep
soror, sororis f.sister
sors, sortis f.lot; destiny, fortune
spēs, speī f.hope, expectation
spolium, spolī, hide; (pl.) arms, weapons, spoils, booty
super (adv.) (+ acc.)over, above; in addition, besides
supplexmaking humble entreaty, (as a suppliant)
suus, sua, suumhis, her, one's, its, their (own)
tamenhowever, nevertheless, still, yet
tandemat last, at length
tantumonly; so much
tellūs, tellūris f.ground, earth; land, country
templum, templī n.temple
tempus, temporis n.time

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