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Vergil 6.183-211

opus, operis (n)work, product, task; function, purpose
hortor, hortārī, hortātus sumto urge, encourage
volūtō (1)to roll (forward); to turn over (in the mind), think about
forteby chance
nemus, nemoris (n)woodland, forest; thickt, sacred grove
vērēindeed, truly
nimiumtoo much, too, exceedingly, excessively
solum, -ī (n)soil, ground, land
estebe! (imperative)
dērigō, dērigere, dērēxī, dērēctusto direct, aim, guide, steer
opācō (1)to shade
dēficiō, dēficere, dēfēcī, dēfectusto let down, fail, fall short
pergō, pergere, perrēxī, perrēctūrusto make one's way, move on, proceed
prōdeō, prōdīre, prōdiī, prōditūrusto come forth
tantum...quantumon so far as
faucēs, faucium (f pl)throat; jaws
oleō, olēre, oluīto (emit a) smell
discolor, discolōrisdiffering in color, contrasting
brūmālisin/of winter, wintry
viscum, -ī (n)mistletoe
vireō, virēre, viruīto show green growth, be green/verdant
sēminō (1)to sow, plant; to give birth to, beget, create
teres, teretisround(ed), smooth; polished, elegant
crepitō (1)to rattle, rustle
brattea, -ae (f)thin sheet of metal, (metal) foil
refringō, refringere, refrēgī, refrāctusto break back/off
sīdō, sīdere, sīdī, sēdīto sit down; to come to rest, settle, land
croceus, -a, -um(made) of saffron; saffron-colored, yellow, goldern
speciēs, -ēī (f)spectacle, sight; look, appearance; impression
īlex, īlicis (f)holm-oak, ilex
cūnctor (1)to heasitate (over/about), delay; to tarry, linger
aura, -aeair, breeze, wind; atmosphere, breath

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