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Word Wisdom 8/3

Chasma big difference of feelings, beliefs, or opinions
Chasma deep crack or gap in the earth’s surface; a canyon; a gorge
Exilethe removal of a person from his or her native county or home
Exilea person who leaves or is forced to leave home
Exileto send a person away from his or her home or country; to banish
Confinementthe state of being shut up or restricted to a certain place
Remotefar away
Remotedistant in time
Remotefaint or slight
Remotebroadcast made from a place outside of a studio
Remotea tool or device used to control something from a distance
Abodethe place where one lives; a home
Edificea building, especially one that is large
Compartmenta division
Juxtapositionclose or side by side positioning
Metropolisa large major city

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