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Am Vision Chapter 22: Resurgence of Conservatism

Reviews key concepts from chapter 22

liberlismtends toward more government regulation and higher taxes for the wealthy
conservatismtends toward less federal government and believes in free enterprise (lower taxes)
SunbeltSouth and West regions
religious rightwanted to protect traditional values
Barry GoldwaterConservative politician
William BuckleyFounder of the National Review (conservative)
Election of 1980Reagan defeats Carter
supply-side economicslowering taxes will strengthen the economy
Reagonomicsderogatory name; also called "trickle down economics"
Election of 1984Reagan defeats Mondale
Robert BorkSupreme Court nominee blocked by Democrats
Sandra Day O' ConnorFirst female Supreme Court Justice
Afghan rebelsHelped by the U.S.; were fighting the Soviets
Contrasanti-communist rebels in Nicaragua
Grenadasite of leftist takeover and U.S. miltary intervention
Iran-Contra ScandalSecret arms sales and money given to rebels in Latin America
INF Treatycalled for the destruction of some nuclear weapons
Mikhail GorbachevSoviet leader who "loosened" controls
"Star Wars"nickname for Strategic Defense Initiative
Strategic Defense Initiativeplan to intercept and destroy nuclear weapons while still in outer space
yuppiesyoung urban professionals
MADDgroup against drunk driving
AIDSAcquired immune deficiency syndrome
Vernonia School District v. Actonrandom drug tests do NOT violate a student's 4th amendment rights
New Jersey v. T.L.O.a school may search without a warrant if reasonable cause is present
Stonewall Riotbeginning of Gay Activist movement
"Band Aid" "Live Aid" "Farm Aid"popular music groups gather to support a cause
AARPgroup which lobbies for senior citizens
perestroikamore private enterprise in the U.S.S.R
glastnostmore openness and freedom of religion and speech in the U.S.S.R
Boris YeltsinRussian leader who defied the coup leaders
Tiananmen Squaresite of student protest for more democracy in China
Manuel NoreigaPanamanian leader and drug dealer seized by U.S. troops
Saddam HusseinIraqi leader who attempted to take Kuwait
Operation Desert StormU.S. helps Kuwait fend off the Iraqi invasion
Colin PowellChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Dick CheneySecretary of Defense
capital gains taxpaid when one sells stocks or real estate for a profit
Election of 1992Clinton defeats Bush
H. Ross PerotThird party candidate (1991); wants to end deficit spending
Panama Canal1978 Treaty give control of this back to Panama in the year 2000

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