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Journey to the Center of the Earth-LT #7

Study guide for LT 7 quiz

stressforce that acts on a rock to change its shape or volume
tensiontype of stress that stretches rock and makes it thinner in the middle
compressiontype of stress that squeezes rock and can cause it to break or fold
shearingtype of stress when rocks slide past each other-can cause rock to break
3 basic types of landformsmountains, plains, and plateaus
faultsbreaks in the crust that can cause earthquakes
3 types of waves caused by earthquakesP waves, S waves, surface waves
where magma comes fromEarth's mantle
what magma is called when it reaches Earth's surfacelava
LKMS 6th graders favorite classscience!

6th Grade Science
Lakewood Middle School
Overland Park, KS

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