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Closed CircuitOn
Open CircuitOff
Electric Chargefundamental property of matter; comes in two forms
Voltageamount of energy per unit of charge
Water tower and pumpgood analogy for a battery
safety device that reacts to specific levels of currentfuse
safety device that reacts to specific levels of currentcircuit breaker
safety measure that reacts to certain levels of currentground fault circuit interrupter
How are Direct Current and Alternating Current different?direction of charge flow
Currentflowing charges
Conductorselectrical current passes easily through
Where do almost all of the electrons flowing in a battery circuit come from?atoms in the wire conductor
Good conductors of electricitymetals
Electrical Resistanceability of an object to resist current
Unit of measurement for resistanceOhm
Ohm's Lawmathematical relationship between current, voltage and resistance
ResistorsComponents on a circuit board used to control current
If 2 amperes of current pass through a light bulb with a resistance of .5 ohms, what is the voltage of the battery?One Volt
Neutral objectsequal amount of positive and negative charge
AC currentelectrical system in US; current reverses 60 times per second
Tungstenfilament used in light bulbs because of its high resistance
Voltagemeasure of potential energy of an electric charge
Currentflow of electric charges in a circuit
Insulatormaterial through which charges do not flow
Conductivityproperty of material that allows charge to flow
Batterydevice that uses chemical reactions to separate positive and negative charges

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