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Am Vision Chapter 23: A Time of Change: 1980-2000

Review Chapter 23

ENIAC1st computer
integrated circuitcomplete electronic circuit on a single silicon chip
Silicon Valleyregion south of San Francisco; high tech jobs
microprocessorschips containing several integrated circuits, memory, and computing elements
Steve Jobsco-founder of Apple
Bill Gatesco-founder of Microsoft; software designer
telecommutework from home via computer
blogweb log; a kind of public diary or notebook
Clinton wants to do this to taxesincrease
Hillary Clintonin charge of designing a national Health Care solution
AmeriCorpsstudents work on low-income housing, environmental, and education projects (similar to VISTA)
Brady BillGun control legislation
Contract with Americaconservative plan promoted by Newt Gingrich
Health Insurance Portability Actallows a worker to keep his insurance if he changes jobs
Election of 1996Clinton defeats Dole
Clinton's impeachmentcharges of perjury and obstruction of justice
Kenneth Starrindependent council during the impeachment proceedingS
perjurylying under oath
HaitiAristide is ousted from this country and a UN trade embargo is imposed
Bosnia and Kosovosite of civil war in the 1990's
ethnic cleansingbrutal expulsion of an ethnic group by the majority
Daytoncity in which Peace Talks occur in 1996
Slobadan MilosevicSerb leader tried for war crimes
1993 Declaration of Principlesplan to create a Palestinian government
Immigration Act of 1965abolished national origins quota system
migration chainsnewcomers send for their relatives
amnestypardon and legal status
Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants
globalisminterconnectivity throughout the world
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement
APECAsia Pacific Economic Cooperation
WTOWorld Trade Organization
eurocommon currency in the EU
EUEuropean Union
global warmingincrease in average world temperatures
Kyoto Protocolpromise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions; Treaty not signed by the U.S.

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