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Apollo 11:First Moon Landing

Vocabulary activity U4W4

modulea part of a spacecraft that has a special use and can be seperated from the rest of the spacecraft; Eagle
bulkylarge and puffy
focusedto direct attention to someone or something
thrustsudden strong push or force
hatchan opening in the deck of a ship or spacecraft that leads to other decks.
tranquilitythe absence of motion or disturbance
awegreat wonder, fear, and respect
depressedto cause to sink below the surrounding region
mankindhuman beings as a group; the human race
sensationsa feeling; stepping on the moon
orbitto move in a path around the moon
lunarof or having to do with the moon
missionApollo 11
rocketSaturn V
quarantinethe keeping away of others to stop the spread of a disease.

5th grade teacher
Westgate Elementary
Kennewick , WA

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