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Geometry vocablary & word problems to expressions

17 total terms. Only 8 will show each time. (pi) means pi
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The radius of a circle is 3 cm. What is the circle's circumference?C = 2(pi)r
A square has an area of 16 sq. cm. What is the length of each of its sides?16 = s2 so 4= s
A circle has an area of 49pi square units. What is the length of the circle's diameter?49pi = (pi)r2 so 7 = r
the length of the diameter is 14 ft. What is the radius?r = 1/2D so r = 7
to find perimeter.......add the sides
to find area of a rectangle...multiply length times width
area is expressed in....... square units
volume is expresed in...... cubic units
perimeter is expressed in... units
area isthe number of square units inside a plane figure
parallelograma quadrilateral with 2 pairs of parallel sides
trianglepolygon with 3 sides and 3 angles
vertexcorner or intersection of geometric shapes
quadrilateral4-sided polygon with 4 angles, but not always right angles
rectangle OR squarehas 2 pairs of opposite sides parallel, & 4 right angles
square only2 pairs of parallel sides, 4 right angles, & all four sides are equal
trapezoidonly have one pair of parallel sides


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