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JC Drama Terms

Acta major division of a drama
Arena Stageopen-aired amphitheaters
AsideA statement intended to be heard by the audience or by a single other character but not by other characters on the stage
Blank Verseunrhymed iambic pentameter
Catastrophestruggle in a tragedy is the event that marks the ultimate fall of the central character
Central Conflictstruggle faced by the main character
Charactera person who figures in the action of a literary work
Climaxthe high point of interest or suspense
Comedyany work with a happy ending
Complicationdevelops the conflict to a high point of intensity
CrisisThat point in the development of the conflict at which a decisive event occurs that causes the main character's situation to become better or worse
Dialoguethe speech of actors in a play
Falling Actionthe fortunes of the main character decline
ForeshadowingThe act of presenting materials that hint at events to occur later in a plot
Inciting Incidentthe point in the plot where something decisive happens to determine the future course of events and the eventual working out of the conflict
IronyA difference between appearance and reality
Monologuelong speeches given by actors
Motifany element that recurs in one or more works of literature or art
Picture StageAnother name for proscenium stage
Playwrightauthor of a play
PlotA series of events related to a central conflict, or struggle
Proscenium Stagea box-like area with three walls (or curtains) and a removed "fourth wall" through which the audience viewed the action
RepetitionThe writer’s conscious reuse of a word, phrase, sentence or clause
SceneThe entrance of one or more characters
Scriptthe written form of the play
Similea comparison using like or as
SoliloquyA speech given by a lone character on stage
Spectacleall the elements of the drama presented to the senses of the audience—the lights, sets, curtains, costumes, makeup, music, sound effects, properties, and movements of the actors, including any special movement such as pantomime or dance
Stage DirectionsNotes provided by the playwright to describe how something should be presented or performed on the stage
Thrust Stagea platform that jutted into an area open to the sky
Tragedya drama that told the story of the fall of a person of high status
Tragic Flawa personal weakness that brings about the fall of a character in a tragedy

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