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Vergil 6.450-476

ut prīmumas soon as
iūxtā (adv & prep + acc)nearby, close by
nūbilum, -ī (n)cloud
extrēmus, -a, -umlast (part of); final; end (of life)
cēdō, cēdere, cessī, cessusto concede, yield, give up; to go; to go away, depart
sentus, -a, -umrough, rugged
situs, -ūs (m)decay, neglect, disuse, abandonment
queō, quīre, quīvīto be able (to)
discessus, -ūs (m)departure, giong away, leaving
subtrahō, -ūs (m)to drag down/away, withdraw
torvus, -a, -umgrim, pitiless; fierce, stern
tueor, tuērī, tuitus sumto look at; to watch over, protect
cieō, ciēre, cīvī, citusto move, set in motion, stir up
solum, -īground
silex, silicis (m)hard stone, rock, flint
cautēs, cautis (f)rock, cliff, crag, reef
umbriferus, -a, -umshade-bearing, shady, shadowy
prīstinus, -a, -umformer, previous
aequō (1)to make equal; to match
cāsus, -ūsfall; accident; event; misfortune, disaster

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