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Vergil 6.847-866

excūdō, excūdere, excūdī, excūsusto hammer out, forge, fashion; strike out
molliusmore softly, softer, more gracefully/delicately
melius (bene, melius, optimē)better
meātus, -ūs (m)movement, course, path
radius, -ī (m)ray (of light); pointed rod;
dēscrībō, dēscrībere, dēscrīpsī, dēscrīptusto mark out, trace, describe
subiēctī (from subiciō)the defeated, subjects
dēbellō (1)to defeat, bring down in war
spolia opīmathe spoils taken by a Roman general from the enemy leader he had killed in single combat
superēmineō, superēminēreto stand out above, tower over
rebellis, -is, -erebellious, rebel
parumlittle, slightly; not very, not at all
stirps, stirpis (f)stem, twig; branch, line of descendents
nepōs, nepōtis (m)grandson, descendant
īnstarpresence, majesty

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