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Vergil 6.867-886

oborior, oborīrī, obortus sumto spring up, rise up
luctus, -ūs (m)grief, mourning
propāgō, propāginis (f)seedling, shoot; offspring, progeny; race
proprius, -a, -umone’s own absolutely/in perpetuity; one’s own property
Māvors, Māvortis (m)Mavors, Mars
praeterlābor, praeterlābī, praeterlāpsus sumto glide by, flow past
quisquamany person, anyone
Rōmulus, -a, -umof Romulus
tumulus, -īburial mound
avus, -īgrandfather
in tantumso much, so high
alumnus, -ī (f)nursling, (young) offspring
priscus, -a, -umof olden times, ancient
saltemat least
fungor, fungī, fūnctus sum + ablto perform, carry out
mūnus, muneris (n)gift, service
invictus, -a, -umunconquered, undefeated
impūneunpunished, with impunity, unscathed
pedes, peditis (m)one who goes on foot; footsoldier, infantryman
fodiō, fodere, fōdī, fossusto pierce, prod, jab
calcar, calcāris (n)spur
armus, -ī (m)shoulder; side, flank
rumpō, rumpere, rūpī, ruptusto burst
līlium, -ī (n)lily
accumulō (1)to heap up, pile; to load

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