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Eye and Color

three primary colors of light that mix to make white lightred, blue, and green
three primary colors of pigment that mix to make blackcyan, magenta, yellow
mix to make cyanblue and green
mix to make yellowred and green
mix to make magentared and blue
to see color light must bereflected
in a rainbow, white light becomes a rainbow because it isrefracted
in a filter or a window, light istransmitted, absorbed, and reflected
this focuses light on the retinalens
this is the clear layer of the eye that protects the inner layers (don't get scratched there it hurts!)cornea
this brings nerve impulses to the brainoptic nerve
this is a hole in the eye (not a student)pupil
this is light sensitive tissue in the eyeretina
this muscle controls the amount of light entering the eyeiris
these cells determine color that you see. They work best in bright lightcones
These cells help with night vision and periferal visionrods
molecule which absorbs certain wavelengths of light and reflects others backpigment
when you mix light colors you add light so colors getlighter
when you mix pigment colors, you are subtracting light so colors getdarker

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