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Properties of Matter

Play concentration, use flashcards, practice matching the vocabulary terms with their definitions, or do a word search!

matteranything that has volume and mass
volumethe amount of space an object occupies
graduated cylinderthe instrument used to measure liquid volume
meniscusthe curve at a liquid's surface
LiterSI base unit for liquid volume
cubic centimeterthe unit used for the volume of solid objects
L x W x Hformula for regular (solid) volume
ending volume - starting volumeformula for irregular & liquid volumes
massthe amount of matter in an object
weighta measure of the gravitational force exerted on an object
gravitya force of attraction between objects
NewtonSI unit for weight
inertiatendency of all objects to resist a change in motion
physical propertycan be observed or measured without changing the identity of the matter
densityamount of matter in a given volume
m / vformula for density
chemical propertydescribes a substance based on its ability to change into a new substance with different properties
physical changeaffects 1 or more physical properties of a substance
chemical change1 or more substances are changed into entirely new substances with different properties
odor, volume & colorexamples of physical properties
flammability & reactivityexamples of chemcial properties
melting & dissolvingexamples of a physical change
baking a cakeexamples of a chemical change

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