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Vergil 10.420-438

ferrum, -īiron, weapon, sword, spear
missilis, -is, -eto be sent forth, to be thrown; flying; missile
lībrō (1)to balance, poise; to aim, brandish
quercus, -ūs (f)oak
tegō, tegere, tēxī, tēctusto cover, protect
inermis, -is, -e; inermus, inerma, inermumunarmed, defenseless
pectus, pectoris (n)chest, breast
sinō, sinere, sīvī, situsto allow
interimō, interimere, interēmī, interēmptusto cut off from life, kill
nōdus, īknot; knotty problem; difficulty
mora, -aedelay
imperditus, -a, -umnot killed, unharmed
addēnseō, addēnsēreto make dense/thickly packed; to close up (the ranks)
īnstō, īnstāre, īnstitīto set foot on; to press on; to threaten; + dat, to apply oneself to; press on with
discrepō (1)to differ, be different
ēgregius, -a, -umoutstanding, excellent, splendid
reditus, -ūs (m)return

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