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Vergil 10.439-456

succēdō, succēdere, successī, succesūrus(+dat)to succeed, follow
volucer, volucris, volucreflying; winged, swift
currus, currūs (m)chariot
abscessus, -ūs (m)departure, withdrawal
obeō, obīre, obīī, obitusto meet face to face, come up against
trux, trucissavage, fierce
opīmus, -a, -umrich, plentiful, abundant
lētum, -īdeath; destruction
mina, -aethreat, menace
coeō, coīre, coiī, coitusto go/come together, meet; to clot, curdle, congeal
dēsiliō, dēsilīre, dēsiluīto jump down, dismount
biiugī, -ōrum (m)(two-horse) chariot
pedes, peditis (m)footsoldier
apparō (1)to prepare (for), make ready (to)
comminusface to face, at close quarters
specula, -ae (f)look-out post, vantage point
meditantem inpracticing/rehearsing for
advolō (1)to fly at/forth; to rush to attack
utqueand just as
cadō, cadere, cecidī, cāsūrusto fall

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