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Vergil 10.457-489

contiguus, -a, -um +datin contact with, close to, in range of
forefutūrus esse (fr sum, esse, fuī, futūrus)
adiuvō (1)to help
advena, -ae (m)stranger, traveller
coepī, coepisse, coeptus (defective vb)to begin, commence, initiate
coeptumundertaking, thing having been started
gemitus, -ūs (m)moan, groan
inreparābilisunable to be regained, irretrieveable
reiciō, reicere, reiēcī, reiectusto throw back, cast away; to turn back, avert, turn away
gnātus, -ī(alternate spelling of nātus) son
mēta, -aeturning point, goal
aevum, -ītime, (one’s) age; old age
vāgīna, -ae (f)sheath
dēripiō, dēripere, dēripuī, dēreptusto tear off, pull out
ēnsis, ēnsis (m)sword
tegmen, tegminis (n)covering; armor, shield; skin, hide
umerus, -ī (m)shoulder
clipeus, clipeī (m)shield
mōlior, mōlīrī, mōlītus sumto work to bring about, work at, engineer, undertake, contrive; to build, construct
praefīxus, -a, -umfitted/equipped at the tip, tipped
rōbur, rōboris (n)oak tree, oak wood, oak shaft; firmness, strength
magearchaic for of magis, comparative adverb = more
penetrābilis, -is, -eable to be pierced; able to pierce/penetrate
pellis, pellis (f)skin, hide
cuspis, cuspidis (f)sharp point, tip (of a spear); spear, lance
trānsverberō (1)to pierce (through), tranfix
lōrīca, -ae (f)breastplate, cuirass
perforō (1)to make an opening in/through, bore, pierce, puncture, perforate
corruō, corruere, corruīto fall down, collapse
ictus, ictūsblow, thrust; force, impact

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