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Vergil 10.490-509

memor, memoriskeeping in memory, mindful of, unforgetting
mereō (2)to receive as one’s wage, earn; to merit, deserve
sōlāmen, sōlāminis (n)consolation, comfort
humō (1)to bury
largior, largīrī, largītus sumto give/bestow generously
illī stābunt (idiom)(they) will cost him
balteus, -ī (m)shoulder-band, belt, baldric
imprimō, imprimere, impressī, impressusapply with pressure, press (on/upon), to imprint, engrave (with)
nefāsimpious act, sacrilege; crime, horror
subunder the cover of
caelō (1)to emboss, engrave, chase
ovō (1)to celebrate (a triumph); to exult, rejoice
potior, potīrī, potītus sum (+ abl)to obtain, seize
frequēns, frequentisdensely packed, crowded, in a crowd/throng, thronging together
acervus, -īpile, heap
haudby no means
hospitium, -īhospitality, guest-host relationship
pondus, ponderis (n)weight, mass

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