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Song of War p. 432 Column 2 vocabulary

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tollō, tollere, sustulī, sublātus, -a, -umto lift, raise
trahō, trahere, trāxī, tractus, -a, -umto drag, pull
vertō, vertere, vertī, versus, -a, -umto turn, spin; to reverse, change
volō, velle, voluī, ---to wish, want, be willing
volō, volāre, volāvī, volātusto fly, mover through the air; to move quickly, hurry, speed
volvō, volvere, voluī, volūtus, -a, -umto move in a curved course, bring/turnaround, roll; to unroll, spin out; to turn around in the mind; to udergo
abeō, abīre, abiī, abitūrus, -a, -umto go away
accendō, accendere, accendī, accēnsus, -a, -umto set on fire
accingō, accingere, accīnxī, accīnctus, -a, -umto gird, surround; to equip, arm; to prepare, get ready (for)
addō, addere, addidī, additus, -a, -umto add
adeō, adīre, adiī, aditus, -a, -umto come to, approach
adfor, adfārī, adfātus sumto speak to, address
tendō, tendere, tetendī, tentus, -a, -umto extend, stretch out, spread out; to stretch back, pull tight, draw (a bow); to direct, aim, make one's way
adloquor, adloquī, adlocūtus sumto speak to, address
agnōscō, agnōscere, agnōvī, agnitus, -a, -umto recognize
tergum, tergī n.back rear; skin, hide
totso many
trīstis, trīstesad; grim, terrible
Troiānus, Troiāna, TroiānumTrojan
Turnus, Turnī m.Turnus (leader of the Rutulians)
ūllus, ūlla, ūllumany
umerus, umerī m.shoulder
unda, undae f.wave
vātēs, vātis m.prophet, seer, soothsaer; poet, bard
Venus, Veneris f.Venus (goddess of love; mother of Aeneas)
vērōtruly, really, indeed
vertex, verticis m.whirlpool, eddy; whirlwind; crown of the head; summit, peak, top
vērus, vēra, vērumture
vester, vestra, vestrumyour (pl.)
virgō, virginis f.maiden
vīta, vītae
vōsyou (pl.)
vulnus, vulneris n.wound
vultus, vultūs m.face, expression
ācer, ācris, ācrekeen; savage, fierce
Achātēs, Achātae m.Achates, close companion of Aeneas
Achīvī, Achīvōrum m.Greeks, Achaeans
aciēs, aciēī edge; line of sight, glance eye; army, battle, battle-line
adversus, adversa, adversumopposite, in/from the opposite direction, facing, opposing, in front of
adytum, adytī n.shrine, sanctuary
aeger, aegra, aegrumill
Aeolus, Aeolī m.king of the winds
aequus, aequa, aequumlevel, flat; fair, just right; favorable, kind; equal, matched
aes, aeris n.bronze; a bronze implement
aeternus, aeterna, aeternumendless, eternal, everlasting, enduring
āla, ālae f.wing; squadron
aliquī, aliquae, aliquodsome; any
aliterotherwise, differently
almus, alma, almumnurturing, fostering, life-giving

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