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Summer of my German Soldier

voacb. 2

regimeN. form of gov't. The regime is sleeping on the job!
jeopardizeV. to expose to lose or injury I'm afraid I will jeopardize my career if I free the Kangaroos.
acquiescenseN. agreement by silence of without objection Mary put up with a stroung acquiescense from Fred.
genericADJ. related to a biologial genus My name is some how generic.
inconsolableADJ. that cannot be comforted She told me that Geogie didn't love me any more so now i am inconsolable.
fabricationN. a lie Sally told a fabrication about the stealing across the street.
implicateV. to involve in a crime These bloodstains implicate her into the rubbery
capitalizeV. to take advantage of I capitalized the red lights by slowing down so that I could read the paper.
symmeterybalanced proportions The symmetry in my voice caught me by surprise.
espionageN. the act of spying The Cubans were not accused of espionage during the war.
aptitudeN. natural talent Suzy's aptitude could be useful.
compoundN. a group of buildings closed off by a barriar When we drove out of the compound, the doors slammed behind us.
chebronsN. a badge to show rank The chevrons on his shirt were tattered.
pertinentADJ. significant to the matter at hand I will write all the pertinent from our descion the other day.
jurisdictionN. the right, power or authority to administer justice

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