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Vergil 12.791-806

fulvus, -a, -umyellow, yellow-brown, yellow red, tawny
indiges, indigetis (m)native god, patron deity, native hero
restat (impersonal)it remains to do
tollō, tollere, sustulī, sublātusto raise
struō, struere, struxī, structusto build, plot, construct
haereō, haerēre, haesī, haesusto cling, stick
valeō, valēre,valuīto be strong, to be powerful, to prevail
agitō (1)to chase, attack, hunt
dēfōrmō (1)to spoil the appearance of, disfigure, mar
luctus, luctūs (m)grief, sorrow
vetō (1)to forbid
tueor, tuērī, tuitus sumto gaze at, to look at
recursō (1)to keep running back, to keep recurring

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