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Vergil 12.806-828

ordior, ordīrī, orsus sumto begin to speak, to begin
invītus, -a, umunwilling
āerius, -a, -umof/in the air, airy; in the sky, heavenly
cingō, cingere, cinxī, cinctusto surround; gird;
suadeō, suadēre, suasī, suasumto advise, suggest, propose, urge
succurro, succurrere, succurrī, succursumto run up to, to run up to help
probō (1)to approve
adiūrō (1)to swear by/on
caput…fontisfountainhead, source
implācābilis, -is, -eimplacable, inexorable
supersitiō, superstitiōnis (f)religious awe; religious/superstitious belief/practice
reddō, reddere, reddidī, redditusto give back, return; recite; to pay
exōsus, -a, -umfull of hate, in loathing
obtestor, -ārī, -ātus sumto beseech, implore, ask for from/of
indigena, -ae (m)native inhabitant; native, indigenous
fiō, fierī, factus sumto become, be made, happen
saeculum, īgeneration, lifetime, century

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